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Corporate Overview/Profile

ASRTCorp is headquartered in Fremont, California. ASRTCorp creates advanced electronic and software products through internal research and uses innovative technology to engage our customers in personally relevant media content and solutions.

The ASRTCorp Research and Development Center located at the company Headquarters, California, creates the company’s current and future product development cycle, as well as, significant breakthroughs in innovative technologies and applications.

The ASRTCorp Research and Development Center creates an environment where scientists, engineers, and members of the academic community work closely on new product concepts and breakthrough developments, driving innovations, and ultimately putting those innovations into the hands of our customers as products.

The Center presents leading edge mobile internet technologies and state-of-the art hardware and software systems solutions, showcasing what we believe will be the future of mobile internet devices and other technologies.

It also demonstrates to customers our vision going forward and how we will get there. We are focusing on technology that substantially impacts the connection to personally relevant media and content.

The advanced technologies we have today, drive future innovations that will change product outcomes in a significant and positive way tomorrow.