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ASRTCorp’s reference design product portfolio can help semiconductor technology companies improve their time-to-market goals. In fact, the ASRTCORP team is engaged in the development of high-end multimedia (SoC) processor reference designs, custom form factor SoC cards and validation platforms that are key to improving customer efficiency.

ASRTCorp provides System and Board design solutions with full turnkey hardware design capability. We provide reference board platform projects with multilayer Printed Circuit board density and high complexity with a large number of close to 1000-pin BGA packages. The ASRTCorp engineering team is familiar with all high speed bus interfaces includes memory technologies and routing constraints with high-speed Front side bus, DDR/DDR2/DDR3, SDRAM memories, and complex network interfaces like XUAI which is 10 Gbps and other interface up 40 Gbps. ASRTCorp’s reference designs and customized software bundled with applications can be used as a development platform or as a ready-to-use plug-in module in the system. ASRTCorp’s design & support team can work with different engineering teams to make modifications to in-house designs and provide alternate versions of the board to suit your specific product requirements.

ASRTCORP has experience in the following platforms:

  • PNX series – Media Processor and Software programmable video DSP
  • OMAP series– Multimedia Application Processor for handheld devices.
  • i.MX series - Highly Integrated SoC best suited for handheld multimedia devices & tablet PC applications.